Thursday, July 29, 2010

i feel like . 
my days will be empty . 
sooner .
thats all .

talk to myself : chill lah dude. jst fr a few days. dont worry bout her. she will be owkayy. lalalala ~


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sometimes i confuse .
sometimes i dont understand.
sometimes im too slow .
sometimes i frustated .
sometimes i happy .
sometimes i sad .
sometimes i dont know what to do.

i just want u by my side.
no matter what happen.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

well. as we know. all human want their partner to be honest in their life. u know what. its not about i dont trust u 100%. i just wonder if u still keep hiding something from me, mybe u will say its past already. so jst forget about it. but FOR me. NO ! i still want to know about ur past. i dont care if that time i already exist or not in ur world.

darl, if u still hide something from me, jst tell me . its ok. i wont mad at u. i jst want to know everything. if u keep hiding it, trust me oneday i will know everthing about it and it MIGHT hurt me. i dont want that moment happen in my life. :|

someone had gone through this situation. its bad u know. even i can feel it also. kinda 'SHIT' i guess. thts the best word to describe that situation.

u still have time to tell everything. im waiting. dont be afraid . if u want to go somewhere to story, jst tell me. :)

p/s : i love u syg. always.

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